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Events Officer - Jamie.JPG



Good Evening, my name is Jamie and I am the President of MUMS.
I love Mathematics, and so do you!
You can see me here in front of the level sets of some conjugate harmonics.
If I remember correctly I think this is for 1/z^2 or something similar.




Hello! I am Veronika (he/she/they), and I am the secretary of MUMS this year. I am majoring in Maths (Statistics) with a Diploma in Computer Science. Naturally, my background is a graph I have sourced from the ABS, displaying another interest of mine - public transport!! I enjoy the way visual tools such as graphs make information more accessible, and hope to join those Australians commuting by ferry, it sounds delightful! I have also included one of my favourite maths jokes (regrettably, it is from twitter).

Treasurer - Anmol.jpg



Hi everyone! I’m Anmol (he/him) and I’m the Treasurer of MUMS this year. I am a BCom student majoring in Actuarial Studies. My background is the Mandelbrot Set, which is quite a visually pleasing fractal. Lastly, a math joke: why did the chicken cross the road? The answer is trivial and left as an exercise for the reader.

Comms & Publicity Officer - Dougal Stewart.png


Education Officer

Hello! I'm Dougal (he/him), an undergrad majoring in Computing and Software Systems with a Diploma in Discrete Maths and Operations Research. I'm the education officer this year, and I'd love to see more people interested in mathematics! Personally, I'm drawn to mathematics because it's fun, and it makes me go, "Huh, that's neat". For my background, I chose the Butterworth lowpass filter since it's a pretty handy filter for audio processing. As for a maths joke: What is a dilemma? A lemma that proves two results!

Diversity & Inclusion Officer - Angela Sojan.png


Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Hey everyone! My name is Angela Sojan (she/her), the Diversity and Inclusion Officer for MUMS. I'm in my first year, majoring in computing. I love maths because it makes me feel smart.
I believe in creating an environment where all people are encouraged to pursue their love for maths and I understand the importance of fostering inclusivity.
I'm super excited to meet you guys at our events!
Behind me is just a bad math joke that I thought was kind of funny.

Undergrad Rep - Finian.jpg


Events Officer

Sup nerds! My name is Finian (he/him) and I'm this year's Events manager, I am majoring in statistics and diploma of languages in Mandarin. What I'm pointing to here is the "data-saurus dozen" a collection of data sets that while exhibiting the same descriptive statistics (mean, variance, correlation) are clearly all very different visually showing the dangers of misused mathamatics.

Undergrad Rep - Jonathan.png


Publicity Officer

Hey guys,
My name is Jonathan and I’m the MUMS Publicity officer this year!
I’m a second year science student looking forward to seeing where life will take me next.
Behind me (and totally not badly photoshopped in) are some beautiful real-life Desmos graphs I was lucky enough to go see a few years ago.
What beauty does maths bring to your life?


MUMS Committee 2024.jpg

Non-Executive Officers



Paradox Editor

Hello, I am Ainsley (he/him), a mathematical physics major and your editor for paradox this year. My background is the platonic solids, a set of lovely polyhedra! The Greeks theorised that these shapes correspond to the elements, earth, water, fire, air and spectacularly for the dodecahedron, the stars and the “ether”. The famous astronomer Johannes Kepler even drew a relation between the orbits of the planets of our solar system and the platonic solids (as you can see behind me). Truly a marvelous set of shapes which I know will continue to inspire mathematicians with their regularity and beauty.



Puzzle Hunt Coordinator

Hey guys, I'm Eric (he/him) currently majoring in Computing. I like math espeically those related to compsci like algorithms and computatbility stuff (annnnd that is some finite automatons in my background). In my free time I do random electronics stuff, I was into DIY drones for a while and just tinkering around (I once got an "enterprise" tape drive working xD). I hang around in the MUMS room quite often with a few others so come and chill and vibe with us if you want. P.S.: oh I'm also your puzzle hunt coordinator so if ya have any queries/suggestions about that uh just talk to me/shoot me an email :)


Undergrad Rep - Kieran.png



Hey everyone! I'm Kieran (he/him) and an undergraduate representative for MUMS, studying physics and pure maths. Shown behind me is a proof by desmos that |x-y|^(1/3) and |x-y| are not equivalent metrics.

Undergrad Rep - Mitch.jpg



Hi everybody! I'm Mitch (he/him) and I'm one of the MUMS undergrad representatives this year. I'm a second year BCom and diploma of Maths student and I'm really interested in exploring what university-level maths has to offer. Behind me is the classic game Tower of Hanoi, which served as my first introduction to the lovely world of mathematical induction!

Epsilon - Ian.png



Hello, World! I’m Ian (he/him) , an undergraduate representative at MUMS interested in pursuing a major in pure maths. My background is an optimal solution for the irregularities of distributions problem, with N = 17 being rather arbitrarily the best you can do. The proof is left as an exercise to the reader. Here is a funny joke – Reading a joke book is different from reading a newspaper or a novel, or even a maths textbook. Don’t be discouraged if you have to read a joke more than once in order to understand it.




Hi, I'm Han (they/them)! I'm a Master of Computer Science student and one of MUMS's postgrad reps this year! The background of my picture is Conway's game of life, which is a cellular automaton where the grid of cells evolves based on simple rules, and each cell's state depends on its neighbours. This results in really cool-looking patterns emerging, including oscillating shapes and travelling spaceships!




Hello! I'm Kalliroe (she/her) and I'm one of the undergraduate representatives at MUMS this year. I am a Data Science major and my love for maths comes from learning about how it can be used to describe and solve real-world situations (especially when it all starts to make sense). I've found a love for maths and I believe everyone can too — sometimes all it takes it a change of perspective. My background is me on the Penrose stairs, which is a very circular way of thinking for a circular set of functions!




Hello Math Enthusiasts! I'm Yi Zhern, a first year undergraduate student at the University of Melbourne. Is my honor to become one of the undergraduate student representative in MUMS. With an insatiable curiosity and a knack for Mathematics, I'm on a journey to explore the intersections of knowledge and creativity. Whether it's deciphering complex mathematics theories or immersing myself in anything interesting, I'm fueled by the thrill of discovery. Let's connect, collaborate, and make this academic adventure an exciting one!




Hi everyone! I'm Tim (He/Him) and I'm an undergraduate representative this year. I am a commerce student majoring in Economics and Finance and it is an honor for me to be a part of the MUMS community. my background is a graph of an equation called Lorenz Attractor. It looks like a butterfly and it is quite mysteristic so I put it as my background.




Hi! My name is Enda (he/him) and I’m an undergraduate looking to major in pure maths. I really enjoy problem-solving and the process of discovery and mathematics has always been my most natural vehicle to pursue it! Bar maths, I like to play tennis, game, and sleep (which I’m putting off at the moment to write this ). Hope you enjoy this xkcd rendition of an age-old joke!




Hi Hi, I'm Ziheng (Harry) (he/him) and I'm an undergrad rep. I love maths and I'm majoring in pure maths. As an NPC in MUMS room, I'm spawned in MUMS room quite often, so if you walk pass, feel free to give me a pat (*´꒳`*) My background is one of my favorite characters, Kafū Chino, I used the picture in our first question of UMO 2023, hope you also enjoy this ♡(๑╹ω╹๑ )




Hi folks! I'm Alex (they/them) and I'm one of the post-grad reps this year. My background is in computer science and I'm interested all the ways mathematics interacts with computation - in particular, type systems and machine learning! In my spare time, I play jazz and enjoy engineering cursed things. My background is a chart of deep double descent; one the most counter-intuitive observations in modern deep learning, which lead me to my current degree. It says that fitting increasingly complex models to data will lead to generalisation... until suddenly, it does the opposite! Explaining this properly

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Celia Quinn


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