Hey, I’m Hannah (she/her)! I’m excited to be this year’s president of MUMS and lead such a fantastic group of people in the committee! We’ve got lots of fun mathsy stuff planned! I’m a Bachelor of Science student majoring in Mathematics and Statistics. I also tutor/demonstrate for a first-year computing subject. In this photo I’m holding a stellated icosahedron made out of 30 sonobe modular origami units that neatly slot together. Another way of thinking about this shape is to start out with an icosahedron (the 20-sided triangular-faced platonic solid) and stellate it by extending the face planes until they meet with one another. If you couldn’t already tell, this is my favourite polyhedron!



Hi! I’m Elizabeth, your new secretary. My job is to organise MUMS and make sure everything runs smoothly.
I’m in my third and final year of Bachelor of Science, majoring in Applied Maths (hopefully to go on to Masters next year!). I’ve also dabbled in engineering, computing, and finance.When I was younger, I liked maths because I was good at it. As I got to the end of schooling, I started discovering that maths could be interesting too. I learned about the amazing properties of the complex exponential, and engineering & later maths studies showed me how complex numbers were more than just “imaginary numbers”. They were tools that could be used to analyse the universe, even if they themselves were just imaginary. Ever since then, I’ve had a love for maths and elegant theorems.

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Hi!  I’m Brett, and I am the new treasurer of MUMS and I am very keen to fulfil this role.  I am in my third year of my Bachelor of Science, majoring in pure maths with a diploma in computing.  I am also a tutor for some first-year programming subjects. I have two good kitties called Capers and Charlie (let me know if you want any pictures of them)!
During my early years at high school, I became obsessed with wanting to solve Rubik’s cubes as quickly as possible.  And without realising it at the time, this was my first interaction with non-abelian groups.
And although I have forgotten many of the algorithms in the Fridrich method (#unilife), I still remember many cool patterns such as this one!


Education Officer

Hi everyone! My name is Sharon(Xuehan) Qian and I am the MUMS Education Officer (but unfortunately I cannot help with your math assignments~). I am in the bachelor of science considering to major in Maths. My favourite English word is ‘Serendipity’, which I find the most suitable word as I immerse myself in Mathematics.I filled up my photo with Fractals, as this is one of the serendipities we come across almost every day in our life. I throughly enjoy those arts including the Fibonacci Sequence and golden ratio, which produce products of beauty and elegance.Besides those magic numbers and concepts that give rise to a revolutionary writing system, I am also interested in the computerised binary script consisting only 0 and 1 ( a very fancy way of saying ‘computing’), where fractal dimensions can be useful in machine learning (reduction of dimensions).I am really looking forward to meet more Math enthusiasts during our education subcommittee events, such as seminars, workshops and study groups etc. Thank you for supporting us~

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Events Officer

Hi everyone! My name is Yifan and I am the MUMS Events Officer (aka. the person responsible for providing you with excuses to do fun maths stuff instead of assignments ). I am currently studying the Bachelor of Science planning to major in Maths. I choose to be the Events Officer because I want to help organize lots of fun and funky MUMS events where EVERYONE can come and destress, enjoying the simple happiness maths brings!
See that book I’m holding? It is called ‘Simple Science Experiments’. I first read it (or more precisely my parents read it to me) when I was in kindergarten! It consists of lots of mini experiments that explore the “magics” in our world and encourage us to think about WHY they happen. It was this book that first got me hooked to problem-solving and I haven’t been able to stop since then!


Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Hi, I'm Julie (she/her), the new Diversity and Inclusion Officer for MUMS! My aim is to make maths accessible for every maths student, no matter their background! I'm in my second year of a Bachelor of Science, majoring in some kind of math (pls don't make me choose) along with a diploma in computer science. What may seem like a cute, yet delicious, snack in my hand is in fact also a 2 dimensional torus, an important shape within topology. What's even more exciting, is the theory that the entire universe is shaped like a 3D torus. The way maths has helped shape our worldview and understand both life here on earth, and out in space, is truly astounding. I am proud to be a part of and contribute to such an amazing field, and hopefully help push even more voices to be heard. Just the idea that something as huge as the universe could be the shape of a donut is amazing. I mean, who knew maths could be so yummy?

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Communications and Publicity Officer

G’day, I’m Canis and I’m super excited to the MUM’s Communications and Publicity Officer. I’m a first-year science student planning to major in Data Science. Being a former competitive swimmer, the stopwatch has always been my best friend and worst enemy. But most importantly, it’s helped me develop a lot of mathematical skills from calculating time intervals at training to predicting how fast I could swim 100 meters based on my 50-meter time. I think that’s the beauty of maths - it’s all around us! So I’m looking forward to sharing with you all the wonderful world of maths and the super fun activities that MUMS has in stall this year!





Puzzle Hunt Coordinator

Hi! I'm Chuanshu, the 2020 puzzle hunt officer. I am currently in my first year studying a bachelor of science, hoping to major in either computer science or mathematics. Since my favourite mathematical object did not come on the plane with me to Melbourne,  I decided to take a photo with my microwave to pay homage to the YouTuber who threw me into the world of mathematics: ViHart. Since I am a huge fan of all things puzzling, I have also hidden a small puzzle in my photo, the answer to which is a single word that should be obvious once you find it (it’s pretty meta). What’s even more meta is that this might just be a trap to lure you into participating in the MUMS 2020 puzzle hunt, and also read my favourite book.


Paradox Editor

[not submitted]

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Undergraduate Representative

Hello everyone! My name is Young Rae and I am the Undergraduate Representative for MUMS and I am happy to be part of the MUMS team. I am a third-year Bachelor of Commerce student and I am also doing Diploma of Mathematical Science, majoring in Statistics and Stochastic Processes. For my part time work, I am currently teaching maths at Kumon tutoring centre and ever since I've started working there, I have become more passionate in teaching maths! An object I am holding is what every unimelb maths students should have which is Casio FX 82 calculator. I love calculators because it's portable, helps me calculate simple calculations whenever I'm brain-dead and saves me time when I work with big numbers. I am looking forward to another great year and I hope that MUMS will continue to grow and flourish!



Undergraduate Representative

Hello friends! My name is Josh Nguyen and I am an Undergraduate Representative for MUMS this year. As a second-year Computer Science student who’s taking a lot of math subjects as science electives, I think you can definitely tell how much I like math, and joining the club is a great opportunity for me to showcase that passion. I will be working in the Education and Communications and Publicity Departments at MUMS, and I can’t wait to see what MUMS will achieve this semester and next year.
If you are wondering what I’m holding in my hands, you probably have been using Tau throughout your life (and I would highly recommend dividing it by 2 because Pi is much more beautiful than Tau). Despite being an engineering-oriented student who has a tendency to approximate things, I decide not to hold 22/7, 355/113 or even 3 today because we, at some point in our lives, should appreciate the fact that Pi is beautifully irrational. I hope you love the number as much as I do!

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Undergraduate Representative

Heyya guys! My name’s Keshav, a year 2 undergrad representative at MUMs. I’m a data science student with a profound interest in mathematical science (data science is just spicy applied stats afterall, jk!). Some of my academic interests revolve around visual data analytics, applications of graph theory in data science & mathematical optimisation. Growing up I’ve always enjoyed maths. However, it wasn’t until i started doing university level mathematics that I really started falling in love with maths. Outside of university, I am trained in instrumental western classical music and vocal Carnatic music - both of which I enjoy dearly.The object that I am holding here is a box of chalk. Now we all know that mathematicians are obsessed with chalk! This is because to me math is an art, therefore the chalk is as important to a mathematician as is a brush to an artist.



Undergraduate Representative

Hi. I'm Bridget, I'm a third year student studying applied maths, I'm an undergraduate rep and I'm holding the novel Fermat's Last Theorem. This book shows the beauty that can lie in mathematics and is accessible enough for anyone to read. It also gives a great historical background to some of our favourite mathematicians.

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Undergraduate Representative

Hi I'm Ryan, one of your MUMS undergrad reps. I'm a first year BSci student studying pure Maths with some Computing on the side. I'll be working in the Events and Finance committees, so hopefully you'll see me around at our numerous events throughout the year! To me Maths is fascinating because of the history behind it. The theorems we learn about in class and ponder were the result of hundreds of years of great minds building on each other’s work for the advancement of the field. 
My chosen object is my CAS Calculator, which I’ve relied on for years, and has never let me down. I’ve graphed the polar relation r = , one of my personal favourites!

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Undergraduate Representative

Hi, I am Grace(Lihexuan) Yuan(she/her), one of your MUMS undergraduate reps! I am a first-year BSci student planning to major in maths(don’t push me to choose between pure and apply please ;)) I work under Education subgroup of MUMS and I also help out for Events from time to time. My favourite quote is “I think therefore I am (Cogito, ergo sum).” by French philosopher Rene Descartes because I take thinking as one of the most important things in life, especially in learning maths.
I am holding a calculus textbook written by Edwards and Penney, which deepen my understanding on my way learning maths. Calculus is the foundation of maths, and it is highly applicable in other disciplines like physics. On one’s journey of learning maths, self-learning from various sources is essential- you can perceive concepts or theorems better if you’ve looked at them in different perspectives! Hope you have fun on actively learning maths!



Undergraduate Representative

I just can't define math. So here's what I think about it. I like math because I understand it, I can see how it works. Those moments where a lecture or set of notes clicks in my mind, and I forever hold an understanding to it is so amazing and mind blowing. I love that you can do it anywhere, on restaurant napkins, in the margins of newspapers, on envelopes, even using fridge magnets. I'm a committee member at MUMS and I hope that I'll learn a lot from this.



Undergraduate Representative

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