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Hi everyone! I’m Yifan (she/her). I am very excited to be working with our lovely committee this year to create many interesting MUMS activities for you and share the joy of mathematics! I am currently studying a major in Mathematics and a concurrent diploma in Computing. In the spirit of iso, I created this virtual background to encapsulate a few of my favourite things – maths, MUMS and my dog! In case you are wondering, my dog’s age is the product of two primes whose sum and difference are also primes. Can you guess how old she is?

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Hello there, I'm Julie (she/her), the new MUMS secretary! I'm an ex-pure maths major, and now a full on Computer Science nerd. While I don't have any maths subjetcs at uni anymore, I fulfill my love for maths through MUMS where I get to work with amazing peers and help more people see the beauty of maths. You may have noticed that my background has a bunch of binary numbers, (a mathematical concept also used in Computer Science!). There's actually a hidden message there, can you figure out what it is?

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Hi Everyone, I am Weizheng Li (he/him). I am the treasurer for MUMS, responsible for the club’s finance. I am studying a Bachelor of Biomedicine degree with a Diploma in Maths. I always have a passion for Applied Maths and am really excited to join the club!

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Education Officer

Hi! I'm Elizabeth (she/her), studying my Masters in maths. You'll notice my background is my favourite place on campus: the MUMS room! I love learning about new mathematical topics, especially applications of it to areas I haven't studied, and sometimes haven't even heard of. The silver lining to lockdown is the sheer number of these fascinating online seminars that I've been able to attend. I look forward to working with the rest of the committee to keep learning and sharing the beauty of mathematics.



Events Officer

Hello everyone! I'm Brian (he/him), and I am currently an undergrad pursuing a major in Data Science. I am excited to be joining MUMS as the events officer this year, and I look forward to lots of great events, both in person and online this year! I have a strong passion for statistics and the way it is applied to the real world. So my background is of the central limit theorem - a theorem that forms a significant part of statistical inference.

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Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Hi everyone! I’m Thisuri (she/her) and the new MUMS D&I officer! In 2021, I will be in the 3rd year of my Bachelor of Science majoring in Civil Systems. As an engineering student I get to learn about new and cool ways that math is applied in the engineering field. It’s also one of the reasons why I chose my major. In my background, the diagram on the top left shows a phenomenon called ‘resonance.’ When designing bridges, resonance must always be taken into account to avoid structural failure. And guess what? Resonance is modelled using second-order differential equations! The bridge shown in the background is the highest bridge in the world. Can you guess how high it is?



Communications and Publicity Officer

Hi guys, my name is Wendy (she/her), and I’m excited to be the Comm & Publicity Officer this year! I’m a second-year Commerce student majoring in Actuarial Studies, and I'm looking forward to working with the rest of the committee to bring you exciting events and promote the fun of mathematics.
My background is a plot of a very colourful Mandelbrot set, which just shows how maths is an art.




Puzzle Hunt Coordinator

Hi! I'm Chuanshu (she/her) and this is my child, T-Rex. I usually puzzle with the teams idk or green blazers, and I study computer science and maths. Shapes are pretty cool. You can find out what T-Rex's favourite shapes are from the puzzle behind me.



Paradox Editor

Hi there! I'm Canis (she/her), a second-year Bachelor of Science student majoring in Data Science. I'm super excited to be your Paradox Editor, compiling all your amazing submissions and learning about math concepts I've never heard about before!
My favourite area of maths is Probability and Statistics because in a world full of uncertainty, it gives you some sense of likelihood and at times, reassurance.
Something I've really gotten into recently is Rubik's-cubing. There are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 different permutations of the cube, yet there are algorithms that solve all of them. But how did we get to this number?


First Year Representatives



Heya everyone! I’m Cath (she/her) and i’m a first year student, excited to be an epsilon this year! I’m in commerce, planning to major in actuarial. My background is a golden ratio in nature, aka fibonacci in galaxies. I’m keen on helping out and getting to know everyone this year!



Hi everyone! My name is Hasti (pronouns she/her). I'm really looking forward to being a First-Year Rep for MUMS this year! I am studying a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Mechanical Systems. I love patterns in maths and my background is an example of a Fibonacci sequence being found in nature. The seeds of a sunflower follow this mathematical sequence and it creates two series of curves going in opposite directions.



Hello everyone!! My name is Thien Co (he/him) who is a first-year student at the University of Melbourne, and an “epsilon-first year representative” at MUMS. I am studying Bachelor of Science with my major is in mechanical system. As you can see, my background is the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), thus I am interested in trading and that leads me to MUMS. Why do trading and MUMS relate to each other? You may not know this, but trading in the real market requires complicated calculations, finally I am very cheerful to be a part of MUMS this year.



Hi everyone, I'm Quang Ong (he/him), and I'm a first year Epsilon looking to major in pure mathematics because, well I just love studying maths and I can't really pinpoint why! I have a lot of experience learning and teaching abstract problem solving through competitive programming, and I hope to be able to share this passion with others in the education and events subcommittee. My background is a butterfly diagram which is related to the FFT algorithm, one of the most ingenious algorithms ever invented!



Hi everyone! My name is Zhen Qiu (he/him) and I am excited to be one of the first year representatives this year. I am a first year science student majoring in pure maths. I really love maths because it helps me understand the world. In addition, maths challenges the mind and it has the power to solve real life problems. Do you know the meaning of the formula behind me?



Hey guys! My name is Hanyue Su(she/her) and you can also address me as Amaris. It is super exciting to become a first-rep for MUMS in 2021 and I am a first-year student of Bachelor of Science majoring in data science. I am very into maths since l was little and I hope I can share this passion with all of you. My background is in our MUMS community and l am excited to know everyone and help out this year.



Hi everyone! My name is Carlie Yung (she/her) and I am a first year Epsilon in MUMS. I am currently studying commerce and planning to major in finance and economics. I joined the committee because I have a passion for mathematics and the logicality that underpins the discipline. I look forward to working with the committee and helping out this year!


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Undergraduate Representative

Hello my fellow mathematicians! My name is Gypsy (he/him) and I am an undergraduate representative for MUMS. In 2021, I will be in my third-year of the Bachelor of Science w/ a major in Mathematics and Statistics (with a pure mathematics specialisation). I am super into maths and want to become an academic and/or have a successful maths YouTube channel one day (chaotic flammable maths vibes). Outside of uni, I work as a lecturer for ATARNotes and the Skyline Foundation - spreading that mathematical joy. My zoom background includes two really cool mathematical ideas I’ve learnt this past year.


Undergraduate Representative

Hello Everyone, I’m Eszter (she/her) an undergraduate representative at MUMS, mainly involved with the Diversity & Inclusion subcommittee. I’m taking AM2 this semester, which has truly been a wild ride, but turned out to be one of my favourite subjects (so far). As a true nature lover, my background features a photo that I took of a fern in the Royal Botanical Gardens, Melbourne. It is a constant reminder that the patterns, sequences, and geometric shapes we study rigorously in class appear effortlessly in nature.

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Undergraduate Representative

Hi! I’m Ivy (she/her), an undergrad rep majoring in computer science. My heart belongs to our future robot overlords and the code that makes them tick, but maths is pretty cool too! I love seeing how these things can combine, in games, modelling or anything else. I hope to help run fun events that get more people into maths, so that we have ever more clever people to usher in the era of the machines. My background is a 3D text donut, generated by code that looks like a donut, using maths. That’s like the three best things combined.

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Undergraduate Representative

Hey Everyone! I’m Patrick (he/him), one of MUMS’ undergraduate representatives, this year. As a first-year science student, I’m a little unsure of my major but I’m hoping to end up somewhere in maths/engineering . Maths is great because it spans such a breadth of ideas; it stretches from the elegance of Euclid’s geometry, to the refined world of modern physics, and to the twisting corridors of probability. But one of my favourite parts (as shown by my background) is the never-ending grind of optimisation: the Travelling Salesman Problem and its heuristics never cease to impress me.

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Undergraduate Representative

Hey everyone! My name is Phil (he/him) and I'm an undergraduate representative over here at MUMS. I'm currently in my second year of university and am doing commerce. I really really enjoy puzzles, so joining MUMS was really a no-brainer during my first year of uni! I really like puzzles so much so I've included a pretty "simple" one in my pic! First one to solve it gets a sense of satisfaction and achievement! (Note: prize is self-supplied 😊)


Undergraduate Representatives

Hey! I’m Kate(she/her), an undergraduate representative for MUMS this year. I’m a first-year science student intending to major in maths with a diploma in computing. I love math for the genuine satisfaction that I gain from solving the problems and rewinding the logic. Maths and being part of the MUMS committee has been the two things that kept me sane during the COVID situation. I’m excited to meet you guys during our MUMS events and have mathematical fun together:) Also my virtual background is the best because… who can reject it???


Undergraduate Representative

Hey, I’m Eric (he/him) and I’m excited to be a general committee for MUMS. I’m a Commerce student (Finance and Economics) doing a concurrent diploma in Mathematics majoring in Statistics and Stochastic Processes. Recently, I have discovered a pleasure in looking at the world through a Mathematical lense, seeing the patterns and inherent order hidden in the chaos. Behind me is one instance of seeing the world in a different way!




Hi there! I’m Isobel (she/her) and I’m super excited to be a post-graduate representative for MUMS this year. I’ve always been interested in how maths describes the world around us and am currently studying a Masters in Maths, majoring in mathematical biology Behind me is the standard SIR model, variants of which have helped mathematicians model the spread of many diseases, including Covid-19. At the beginning of the epidemic, these models were crucial in helping us understand how Covid-19 was likely to spread. Since then they have informed policies designed to keep us safe and minimise the spread of this disease.



Hello! My name is Rodney (he/him) and I’m currently pursuing a master’s degree in mathematics. One of the reasons I love mathematics is its persistence to be a humbling and unexpected exercise. There is always something new to learn for everyone, regardless of where you are in your mathematical journey. After all, mathematics will never be “complete”. In 2021, I am excited to be a part of MUMS as a post-graduate representative and look forward to helping out. My chosen zoom background is a bad joke referring to a famous mathematician’s “last theorem”. Can you guess which?



Hey, I'm David (he/him). Last year I completed my bachelor's in pure maths and now I'm doing a graduate certificate in applied. Maths can be challenging and satisfying to solve, but it also just looks cool! So my background has some classic symbols we all know and love. I'm happy to be a part of the committee and look forward to helping out!



Hey everyone! I’m Benjamin (he/him) and I am one of the postgraduate representatives this year, I’m currently in my first year of a Masters majoring in Statistics and Stochastic Processes.
What I love most about maths and stats is how it is used to make inferences and inform logical decisions when there would otherwise have been a large amount of uncertainty.
My chosen background is that of a series of random walk, a process commonly arising in probability and statistics which has numerous applications such as the modelling of stock returns.