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MUMS Revision Workshops

Get ready to ace your exams with our Revision Lectures! 📖✨ Calling all university students: We're hosting an in-depth revision session covering some key undergraduate subjects. Bring your study notes, your questions, and your dedication, and let's conquer those exams together! 📝💪 Lectures are taking place in two different lecture halls in the Alan Gilbert building this semester, L1-109 and L1-120. Make sure to double-check which one to go to! And don't miss our revision workshops running all day in L1-103. We've also teamed up with DSCubed to deliver our Probability for Statistics lectures - because two clubs are better than one! Revision Lectures 🗓 Date: 30th May 2024 (Thursday) 🏢 Location: Alan Gilbert (PAR-104) Lecture Hall: L1-109 🕒 Times: Probability for Statistics (DSCubed): 11am-12:30pm Calculus 1: 1pm-2pm Calculus 2: 2pm-3pm Linear Algebra: 3pm-4pm Lecture Hall: L1-120 🕒 Times: Probability: 1pm-2pm Real Analysis: 2pm-3pm Vector Calculus: 3pm-4pm 📝 Details: Revision lectures covering key details and presented by past students Don't miss out on this opportunity to boost your math knowledge and boost your grades. See you there! 📚📈


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